Deloraine Winchester council is done crunching the numbers and last week approved a new budget.

Reeve Gord Weidenhamer says they worked hard to keep any tax increase to a minimum. “We do have a slight increase and it’s the same old story and it’s more to do with the assessments. We’ll see a slight increase across the board.”

Council has approved a few capital purchases and that factored into the new budget.

“Most things stayed the same but those capital purchases will show an increase in our fiscal service which means money is coming from our reserves to help pay for those things. We are spending more on gravel obviously with this spring we can increase that budget.”

Weidenhamer says council has to look ahead at projects like a new swimming pool. The municipality secured a grant to help do a feasibility study on the pool project. He also points to fuel and transportation costs as another line item that is hard to keep down because of rising costs.

“On the capital front we plan to buy a new pick u[p truck and possibly a piece of equipment like a Bobcat to do some sidewalk and street cleaning. We’re using multiple pieces of equipment and we’d like to find a single piece to do the job” said Weidenhamer.

“Our expenditures are at $5.7 million and that’s up about $600,000 over last year’s budget. We need to keep in mind of that figure about $1.5 million is for the local school division.