(photo courtesy FCC)



Over 1.7 million pounds of food was collected for food banks nationwide as part of Farm Credit Canada's Drive Away Hunger campaign.

"The purpose every year is to create awareness of hunger in rural Canada," explains Derwin Arnstead, vice president of Manitoba and Saskatchewan operations. "It all stays with local food banks."

Manitobans donated around 108 thousand pounds of food.

Arnstead reminds us that hunger is still a year-round issue. "There's lots of exposure and impact with Drive Away Hunger, but just to remind people, the need for fighting hunger continues all year long and we just encourage people to keep supporting their local food banks."

There are 53 food banks and food agencies in Manitoba. The Manitoba Association of Food Banks says around 48 thousand people will visit a food bank every month. Around 49 percent of Manitoba food bank users are children.

~ Wednesday, October 20, 2010 ~