Electronic patient record system updates in PMH BRHC Emergency Department experiencing delays

A new electronic patient record (EPR) system has been introduced at Brandon Regional Health Centre (BRHC), bringing the facility in line with provincial standards for paperless capturing and communicating of key patient information.

While the system is being implemented at Brandon Regional Health Centre, care teams are learning new processes and information entry practices, which may result in some patients experiencing a slight delay when presenting for care at this facility.

Patients are encouraged to continue seeking care during this time and are reminded that the most emergent and urgent patients continue to have their medical needs met quickly.

If you have critical or emergent care needs, please continue to attend to the Emergency Department or call 911.

Additional information on non-urgent care options can be found on the PMH website here. In addition to upgrades in Brandon, a new patient registration system is being introduced at 2 1 facilities across the southern portion of Prairie Mountain Health.

Implementing EPRs in the health region will allow staff to access a single database at multiple sites, improving how teams work together to support care. It will reduce the need for patients to repeatedly share their historical health information.

The system also includes checks and alerts that will support patient care and promote positive outcomes.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this essential patient-centered EPR process.


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