The Sours-Glenwood Chamber of Commerce are hosting their annual Spring Fling this weekend, and everyone is invited to the party!

"It's this weekend and it's super exciting!" says committee member, Monique Perey. "With all the garage sales and everything that we've got going on we've got a new contest!  You have the opportunity to win $500 thanks to Westman Communications Group!  We are thrilled. This is the first time they have had a sponsorship with us and we wanted to build something really fun around it, and this also gave us an opportunity to thank all those people who keep coming and give them an opportunity to win something really big in Souris!"

Patrons can enter at all participating stores and purchase is not necessary.  However, if you purchase something then you get extra entry tickets and chances to win.

A highlight for this year's event will be the coming together-crowd around photo Opp that will take place Saturday morning at 11:00 am in front of the Souris Home Hardware Store.

"We hope to capture as many people as possible on the crescent with a picture," explains Perey, "and if you show up to that we will give you an extra chance to win that $500 there!  

"We're so excited about this picture on the crescent," she adds. "We don't know if it's going to work but we've got a man coming with his drone and another coming with his camera on a bucket truck, and we hope it all comes together.  And we hope to be able to use it for future advertising and promotions!"

They've opened up the rink for more crafts sale / artisan's market type opportunities, as well as the garage sales all over town.

A kid's zone will be set up with all sorts of fun things for children to do, including bouncy castles and face painting. 

Grant Jackson will be hosting a complimentary BBQ on Friday at noon.

This list of weekend events goes on!  Please listen to more with Monique Perey below to learn more about what's coming to Souris this weekend!

"There isn't anyone in town that isn't excited and ready to welcome everyone to Souris," adds Perey. "We're super excited and we hope everyone comes!"

For regular updates, maps of events and more information visit their Facebook page HERE!

OR you can call:

Sande Denbow, Chair Of Spring Fling Committee: 204-761-0457 

Monique Perey: 204-726-4778