Warm, windy days are drying out fields and if heavy rains hold off farmers expect to start seeding over the next week.

Rain is in the forecast for Sunday and Monday and producers hope any amounts aren't too significant.

“We’re getting close to starting and obviously we thought we had a lot of time after the snow storm a couple of weeks ago. Guys are scratching around but we’re hoping by early this coming week we should be able to get into the field,” said Scott Perkin owner of Perkin Land & Cattle Co. at Elgin.

Perkin says nighttime lows are finally staying above zero and the ground has taken the moisture nicely. He suggests there maybe wasn't as much sub soil moisture as everyone thought.

“It’s a mixed bag heading to the field this year. We now see the high prices behind us with the wheat and canola markets taking a dive due to some broader market conditions. Farmers are eternal optimists, and we always look forward to the spring and getting a crop in the ground. Higher prices and lower input costs are behind us, so it’ll be interesting to see what this summer and the marketing year brings.”

Scott Perkin isn’t making too many changes in his cropping rotation. He says oat prices are poor, so he’ll likely cut back on those acres. He plans to shift his wheat acres because of how prices have gone down and he plans to put more soybeans in this year.