The Wawanesa United Church Choir is hosting a fundraiser to show appreciation, and to raise money for their local First Responders at the end of April.

"We are really blessed to have a group of incredibly trained First Responders in our community," shares co-organizer Sandra Smith. "They're volunteer!  So instead of having an ambulance in our area, which is now gone, we have our First Responders who are connected with the Wawanesa Fire Department."

Smith says the First Responders are dispatched when a 911 call comes in from the Wawanesa area, where the members assess the situation, perform immediate medical attention to the victim and then stay with the patient until the ambulance arrives.

"We feel that they are such an important part of our community," continues Smith. "It's so reassuring to have them. They have a fully stocked trauma kit, with epi-pens for allergic reactions, breathing assistance for asthma patients, drug overdose, all those types of things.  They just can't take us anywhere, but they can stay with us until the ambulance comes."

"They are incredibly caring, well-trained individuals and it certainly is reassuring to have them as part of our community," she adds. "We're quite willing to do anything to raise money for them that will go towards anything that they're in need of, like new equipment."

Equipment and supplies for splinting and immobilizing broken or injured limbs is on the local responder's wish list.  Much of the funds raised from the Sunday, April 28th fundraiser will go towards that equipment.

Co-organizer, Melanie Lane, says they're excited to have a fantastic line-up of local entertainers join the fundraising efforts.

The Wawanesa United Church Choir will take to the stage, as well as A Few Friends, and other local talent. 

Please listen to both Melanie Lane and Sandra Smith below as they share more of what to expect on April 28th at the Wawanesa Community Hall!