Killarney will be hosting a major music event on Canada Day and organizers of the Hunter Brothers concert are looking to sell lots of tickets.

Killarney-Turtle Mountain has lined up a full day of activities for July 1st ending with the Hunter Brothers concert at the fair grounds that evening.

“We’ve sold just over 1,000 tickets and we have capacity for 3,500 so we’re doing okay” said Liana Smith the GM of the Shamrock Centre in Killarney and a member of the organizing committee.

“Ticket sales have been a bit slow as of late but we anticipate once the snow is gone for good and people are out and about at their cabins and campers tickets sales will pick up.”

Smith says they need to sell about 1,500 tickets to break even with the concert. We’re 100 per cent confident we’ll sell more tickets and this concert will be a success.

The concert is being held in conjunction with Canada Day festivities in Killarney and Liana Smith says there will be something happening for people of all ages.

“It’s Canada Day so in typical Killarney fashion we’ll have activities for families and kids throughout the day. There will be things at the beach, a scavenger hunt, sand castle building, live music and we’re hoping to have some bouncy castles and great food and beverages” said Liana Smith.

The Hunter Brothers concert will take place at the ag-ground Friday night between 9:30 and 11:30 pm.