The third annual Streetfest is about to hit the streets of Boissevain on Saturday, September 16th.

"Streetfest is coming up quick and summer is winding down, and we have a group of volunteers who have been planning this for many months already," shares co-organizer, Melissa Perkins.  "There's been a lot of behind-the-scenes planning throughout the year. I want to say thank you on behalf of the municipality, for all of the businesses, service groups, individuals and volunteers who have been involved because this event has grown to become a real signature event for Boissevain.  It wouldn't be possible without that support, and collectively, this event keeps getting stronger and larger every year!  So, we're quite excited!"

The Saturday event kicks off with the townwide garage sales all over town.  However, the center hub of activities and events will be on the main street, South Railway Street.  Two stages of live entertainment, a vendor market, caricaturist artist booth, Westman Rescue BBQ lunch, kids' carnival with prizes and treats, bouncy castles and some well-known characters from some of the movies we love ... and don't forget the min-donuts!"

The list goes on!

A free matinee will be featured at the Boissevain Theatre, Cherry Creek Place will be sponsoring their pie-eating contest, and pie auction, as well as a downtown dinner in the street as a fundraiser.

The 'Get Local' Artshow is returning to Streetfest. "Art has been one of the foundations of this event since it started with the Boissevain-Morton Arts Council," notes Perkins.

And there's more!

The Boissevain Community Centre will host a coffee and snack lounge, and Bingo, this being co-hosted by the Community Centre and Services for Seniors.  "It's so great to see different community groups working together to make this event even better."

"You'll see the popcorn and the cotton candy down in the street," she adds, "and these things are free, like how incredible is that that you can go down into the street, go to a carnival, enjoy some treats for free, listen to some live entertainment, enjoy the artwork, and watch the soap box derby. This is truly a community celebration and definitely worth coming out for." 

Of course, one of the highlights of Streetfest, and new to this year's list of events, is the soap box derby sponsored by the Boissevain Lions Club.  "For its first year here, it's almost the size of Brandon's race, that's kind of unheard of!  I don't think that was something we were originally thinking, it's just tremendous excitement!"

Home built soap box cars will get a trial run on Saturday morning, with the races officially beginning at 11 am. 

 "Each year Streetfest grows, and we add new components, but I have to say the amount of interest and excitement that has grown with this new soap box derby component is tremendous and we're so grateful to the Boissevain Lions Club of doing this," shares Peters.  "It's going to be so great for Streetfest, but also for our community.  I could see this component, this event, growing into its own signature event as well."

"Streetfest has really grown some great momentum and I think that it's a true testament to the type of community that we have here in Boissevain; how everyone comes together, whether you're a business, or a service group, or as an individual," she says, "and how, collectively, that true sense of community comes together and here we are able to not only celebrate how wonderful our community is, but to showcase it down in the street to visitors and tourists and local residents.  It's going to be a wonderful day!"

Please listen to more of what's in store for this year's Streetfest with Melissa Perkins below.

The Boissevain Streetfest takes place Saturday, September 16th.  Visit for more information.

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