The second part of the Pelican Lake ice fishing derby takes place today - that being for kids and young people who couldn't get in on last weekend's derby at Ninette.

The changes to Manitoba's possession limits prompted the planning committee to add a new App to help with both registration and with recording fish species and size.

Manitoba's new restriction rules mandated anglers not to be in possession of a walleye over 21 ½ inches, or a northern pike that is over 29 ½ inches.  The reason being that these larger fish are the female egg-layers that keeps fish populations healthy.  So, to minimize their stress those fish are to be returned back into the water as soon as possible.

Secretary Treasurer for the Healthy Lake Committee, Charlotte McConnell, says the Fish Donkey App worked very well for registered anglers, however it was difficult to have kids involved in the process as kids have traditionally participated in the competition for free.

Having their kids' derby this weekend just made sense!

"Because of the Fish Donkey App and the way it works, it wasn't easy to have our youth division that we usually have alongside the paid division, because the kids fish for free.  So, we moved the kids' derby to a separate day, which is today."

The billet is full as over 250 kids take to the open holes in the lake to land the largest fish, to win the Grand Prize, the new kayak.

"We're going to do the kids' derby in a smaller area and we'll be measuring the fish right at the ice fishing hole so there is no concerns about fish possession."

Registration is full but folks are welcome to come and watch the fun!

Visit the Healthy Lake Committee website for all fishing results from both derbies as they get loaded and do check out the pictures!