The organizing committee for the 2024 Southwest Business and Entrepreneur Expo is putting the final touches on the February 7th event in Deloraine.

Economic Development Officer for Deloraine-Winchester, Glenn Schellenberg, says the annual business expo gives current business owners, and those who are interested in starting or purchasing their own business, valuable information and advice on how to navigate in the business world.

"The southwest region is a diverse area with relatively small communities, and the expo gives us an opportunity to collaborate and to bring our resources together to discuss not only challenges, but opportunities within the community, and also to attract new investment and new business interests within our communities," explains Schellenberg.

It is the 7th year for the SW Business Expo, and it has been very well received by business owners, municipal leaders, and again those who are wanting to start a business but may not know where to start.

Each year the committee chooses a specific theme.  This year's theme is 'Business Succession Planning'.

"It's such an interesting concept," he says. "We're looking at business succession, but we're also looking at challenges that each community faces for employment, recruitment, whether the solution is immigration or other opportunities. But we want to make sure that every potential business owner and every entrepreneur has the opportunity to succeed and to gain information, and to gain access to a business network that you may not otherwise get."

"We have all these communities coming together from the southwest region and it's really quite dynamic," he adds.

The annual business expo offers a day of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, a panel discussion, with a trade show addition, as well as lunch!  We'll also learn more about the nine contenders for the Business Pitch Competition!

Please listen below to more with Glenn Schellenberg on the benefits of the SW Business & Entrepreneur Expo, coming up Wednesday, February 7th at the Deloraine-Winchester Community Complex.

For more information and to register please visit their website HERE!