If you have a love for cooking, menu planning and the outdoors, you might want to check out a fantastic opportunity at  Metigoshe Ministries, as a head cook job opportunity that must might be the perfect fit for you!

Metigoshe Ministries Retreat and Conference Centre is nestled in the Turtle Mountains on Metigoshe Lake, just south of the Canada/U.S. border.  The position of head cook at their conference centre is a year-round position, shares Executive Director, Reverend Jon Halvorson.  He adds they are expanding their advertising of this position to the Canadian side, keeping in mind citizenship requirements of Canadian, or U.S. or dual citizenship when it comes to employment.

"Our head cook really designs and creates menus for all of our retreat groups, and family reunion groups, and church groups that come through our retreat center all year long," explains Halvorson.  "Most of our groups vary in size, between 15 and 40 people, with a few events that are larger than that," he adds.

The position comes with a full benefit package, as well as an on-site cottage.

"We have a long history of whether somebody comes with all sorts of cooking experience already, or just a love of cooking!  We're happy to train folks into our unique retreat centre kitchen, "shares Halvorson, "and it's just an amazing group of faithful people that we work with here, so it's a fun team to be a part of as well!"

Visit Metigoshe Ministries Retreat & Conference Centre at:  Metigoshe Ministries | Summer Camp & Retreat Center In North Dakota

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