The last few days feels like we're stepping back in time to October but be encouraged that warmer weather is indeed coming and flower and veggies will soon be planted into the ground!

Communities in Bloom (CIB) was an initiative that inspired residents, organizations and communities around the world to adorn their neighborhoods with flowers and greenery, but post-Covid the incentive has dropped off for some communities.

Recently, Boissevain-Morton Mayor Judy Swanson hosted a public meeting inviting folks from the community to revive the venture of helping Boissevain to blossom with blossoms again!

Cathy Wilkinson and Lorraine Houston have stepped up and said they would take lead on this incentive.

"We need people who will meet in the Fall and will make sure of the colors, and the [plant] orders and look at the future and see what we're going to do with it so that's a really good thing!"

In the Communities in Bloom competition, Boissevain had reached its pinnacle in receiving awards through CIB, so the question remained, 'What next?'

"Boissevain was the cream of the crop in CIB and there was no other thing to reach for the decision was made that we would step back from that but still maintain what we're noted for.  I think that's pretty much happened.  But we're looking at calling this the beautification committee. But they're also looking at how can we change things and maybe give it a fresher look."

Mayor Swanson says she was very pleased with the strong response and the many who came out and volunteered their help.

Please listen to more with Mayor Judy Swanson below!

June 4th is the scheduled planting day and again, all volunteers are welcome to join!