Just under $51,000 was awarded to 21 different charities on the 2023 list for the Killarney and Area Donors Choice.

"We have 21 different organizations spanning all kinds of different organizations that are important to our community," shares Committee Chair, Joanna Friesen.

"We've been trying really hard to focus on our local charities and the charities that really impact the daily lives of the people in Killarney and of course giving the option, because it's Donor's Choice!  So, we make sure there is lots of choice there for the community to participate in supporting those charities that are important to them and their families!"

Friesen says that since they don't canvas door-to-door anymore, they are relying on folks to take the steps to donate at the Municipal office or at Westoba Credit Union, or mail their cheques to them, or now most convenient, through etransfer.

"We want to engage all of the patrons in our community, so we try to provide different ways for them to contribute," notes Friesen.

She adds they are very pleased to see the many come out and support their community in such a strong way that "are all so important to really make our community thrive. So, we're very grateful for that, "she adds. "We're also so grateful for our volunteers! We know that all these committees never happen without the many people who give of their time and so again, we're so very grateful for our volunteers and our community!"

2023 Donors Choice recipients and donations for 2023:

Alzheimer's Society of Manitoba - $2453

Arthritis Society - $2308

Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation - $3866

Canadian Cancer Society - $2758

Canadian Diabetes Association - $3048

CNIB -$1638

Crohn's and Colitis - $1668

Heart and Stroke Foundation - $3831

J.A.V. David Museum - $1362

Kidney Foundation of Canada - $1948

Killarney & Area Foodbank - $2401

Killarney Habitat for Humanity - $1602

Killarney Refugee Project - $1643

Killarney TM Arts Council - $2476

Lakeland Regional Library - $2906

Lung Association of Manitoba - $1753.90

Multiple Sclerosis Society - $1679

STARS Air Ambulance - $3039

Tri-Lake Health Association & Palliative Care - $3355

The Killarney Foundation Inc- $3287

Turtle Mountain Flywheel Club - $1841

Total Donations for 2023:  $50,862.90

Please listen to more with Joanna Friesen below!

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