The Manitoba country gospel band, Prairie Joe, is releasing their second CD, 'Some Good 'ol Songs' which features their version of some of our favorite hymns and gospel songs.

The band hails from the Oak Lake region of Southwest Manitoba, and consists of 5 brothers and a brother-in-law, each talented in singing and instrumentals.

Brother, Rob Thiessen, says it had been awhile since their first release, 'The Good Life' back in 2016.  "We were excited to finally get some new music and record some of our old favorites as well.  Some time off because of the pandemic freed up some time in the studio, so we took advantage of that.  It took us a fair number of hours over the pandemic but we finally got it done!  So, we're pretty excited to finally have something new for everybody."

Thiessen says he has the recording studio in his basement so getting the group together to record isn't that difficult, as long as everyone has the time.

'Some Good 'ol Songs' has ten favorites, mostly the old classics that the brothers grew up hearing in church.  The CD was launched on all social media platforms this past week and is also available on their website.

With the release of their second CD, Thiessen says their focus is to simply get out new music for the folks who enjoy Prairie Joe, "and to bless folks and to answer the call that we've commissioned as far as just doing our part of spreading the gospel," he adds.

They have already started their summer tour through western Canada, with only a handful of live concerts in southwest Manitoba. The group will be playing in Wawanesa on July 20th.  Thiessen suggests checking their website to get current concert scheduling that is updated on a regular basis.

Visit for more information on upcoming concerts, and to purchase their latest CD, 'Some Good 'ol Songs'.

Listen to more of the interview with Rob Thiessen and CJRB's Barry Lamb below: