Prairie Mountain Health is upgrading hospitals in Souris, Virden and Killarney - more specifically their Emergency Departments.

"They're all looking at revamping their Emergency Departments," shares CEO, Brian Schoonbaert. "One of the issues that we face on a regular basis, particularly from Accreditation Canada, is 'Do we have the correct kind of space to triage ER patients?' 'Do we have good sight lines?' 'Do we have appropriate waiting rooms, that there's confidentiality being considered?'

"So, these three particular facilities were seen to need some changes," he explains.  "They've decided to put their 3 projects together into one request or proposal.  so, that's the work that's being planned for."

"It's basically those sites that needed the most work," he adds, "and to let you know we are looking at other ER's, as well, at other sites in our region."

"Basically, this is something that was put forward to government and has been approved."

Renovations are expected to start this fall and Schoonbaert believes it will take a number of months, but it will be done in a timely manner, but assures these communities that there will not be any interruption in their ER services.

Please listen to more of the interview with PMH's CEO, Brian Schoonbaert, and CJRB's Barry Lamb: