The Boissevain School had a fabulous week of book buying at last week's Scholastic Book Fair!

School Librarian, Heather Heide, says book sales surpassed all expectations totaling over $6,000 in sales. "Boissevain never disappoints, and we did really, really well!"

With that, the Boissevain School Library is receiving close to $2,800 in free books.  "After the book fair closes, I'm allowed to shop myself for the school library from the books I've got here and so I have a cart full of books from that, and that came out to about $1900 so I still have money to shop with yet," shares Heide.

To top up the $2800 Heide will shop online from Scholastics website to complete this year's sale.

What books to purchase isn't difficult for this school librarian!

"I'm a curious reader so I'll pick up almost any book off the shelf to read, just because I'm curious to know things," she says. "But graphic novels are always in huge demand so that's kind of where I'm focusing a bit more on is to get more of a variety of graphic novels onto the shelves.  There's been a huge debate about the merits of graphic novels but when it all comes down to in the end, if it gets a child reading, they're still reading."

"Just like when I was little, I would sit at the breakfast table and read the cereal box," adds Heide. "I was still reading, right?  What matters is that you're reading."

On behalf of the Boissevain School, Heather Heide says Thank you!  The school library couldn't build their resources without the support from the community.

Please listen to Heather Heide below!

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