A number of regions in Western Manitoba have gone through a stretch of dry weather and that’s allowed farmers to get a lot of their seeding completed.

Manitoba Agriculture is out with it’s weekly crop report and warm and windy conditions for most of the region during last week. Areas like Dand, Deloraine, Virden, Waskada, Hamiota, Newdale received 15-35 mm of rain. Other areas received 2-5 mm. The soil surface is getting dry due to high temperatures and winds. The majority of areas will need a good rain in the coming days.

Justin Knight farms at Hamiota and he says if the weather co-operates, they and many other producers in his region will wrap up seeding over the next few days. “Things have been going pretty well and we've had a long haul without any rain breaks.”

Excellent progress has been made during the last week, with seeded acres at 85% complete for the region. Most report good seedbed conditions. Crops are germinating and emerging well. Field peas are advancing with most of the early seeded fields in the 3rd to 4th node and getting closer to the herbicide application stage. The majority of spring cereals are in and estimated at 95 to 100% complete. Spring wheat is emerging to two leaves and some early three leaves. Emergence is rated as good to excellent.


"Conditions have been pretty good this year and we’ve been fortunate so far and getting some of the recent showers and it’s nice to see pastures turning and I think we’re pretty fortunate right now.”

Canola estimated at 75% complete. Early-seeded canola is at the cotyledon stage. Flea beetles are present, but not feeding to a large degree. Soybean seeding is continuing with 75% completed. Some early planted fields are at the cotyledon stage.

Sunflower seeding is at 85% complete. Grain corn is 85% done and silage corn is 40-50% complete.


Some early seeded corn is at the VE to V3 stage.