Last week, customers of Whitfield Drugs in Souris, received phone calls from people claiming to be employees of the local pharmacy, asking for personal and banking information.

Whitfield Drugs owner, Colin McLeod, says these scammers sounded convincing but they were not members of his staff. 

McLeod encourages everyone, not just his own customers, who receives a phone call from a business asking for financial and/or personal information to not divulge information, but rather to call that business back to confirm that it was they who, in fact, had called.

"Anytime someone asks you for a banking information or anything to do with that ... I would indicate to the patients just to give us a call back at the store, right after, just to verify that was what it was."

"Unfortunately, with personal information people can be very convincing so it's always good to double check and call back to the store just to verify," he adds, "and then you can take the opportunity to acknowledge if this is actually real or not."

McLeod says when he received 2 phone calls from his customers asking about these phone calls, he recognized the scam, then prompted them to call their bank to stop any false charges on their account. Then he took to social media, informing their follower on their Facebook page to be aware of this current scam, and not to share personal or banking information over the phone to anyone posing as a Whitfield Drugs employee.

He says it's been very frustrating. "Especially in the health care industry, being a pharmacy, people trust the business and the people who work for you.  So, anytime that somebody poses as an actual employee it's detrimental for the business, and it's very important that none of my patients are hurt or 'out' because of this."

Please listen to more of the interview with Colin McLeod and CJRB's Barry Lamb below.