The Deloraine Tourism Building features special theme each summer for their display room and cabinets.  This summer they didn't have to put the call out too long before a collection of incredible vintage clothing came to their door!

Deloraine-Winchester Heritage Society member, Jan McClelland, says it's a wonderful display!  "Wedding gowns and some fashions from the 70's and beautiful accessories, just a really neat little display. All the vintage clothing came from the local area residents!"

On display is clothing from the 1920's and even earlier than that, with a mix of chiffon and silk and beaded work, truly astounding! Wedding dresses from the 60's and 70's, and even Jan McClelland's wedding dress and cape is included in the vintage clothing display!  "You know you're getting older when your stuff shows up in a vintage clothing display!" she laughs.

One dress that has caught her eye is an icy pink flapper dress from the 'Roaring 20's' that was made in France. "it's an absolutely stunning dress, and everybody should have a look at it!" The note attached to the garment says, "Mary Smith's mother had a cousin from Los Angeles, California, who had this flapper style dress custom made in Paris in the 1920's."  (A picture of that dress is below)

The Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester gave the local heritage group the Deloraine Tourism booth as a temporary home to be used for storage space and as a meeting place.  It stands on the very spot Deloraine’s very first elevator, the Ogilvie grain elevator, built in 1886/1887, and now shares historical artifacts with residents and visitors.

The Deloraine Tourism Booth is open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (12 noon to 2pm) and Saturday afternoons (1-3pm). 

Cover picture is of volunteer, Ann Day standing near the picture of Queen Victoria with a wonderful story written by Helen Whitlaw on a framed portion of Queen Victoria's shawl, handed down through the generations through neighborly connections and family heirlooms. You can see that framed portion of the shawl in the gallery below. Do, visit the Deloraine Tourism building to read the entire story!

Please listen to more with Jan McClelland below!