If you're wanting to get out and about this summer, take a walk down historic downtown Brandon through the Brandon General Museum & Archives summer walking tour.  But also take the time to visit the museum and learn about the rich history of Brandon and those pioneering leaders of Manitoba's second largest city!

The Brandon General Musuem and Archives showcases the rich history of the city of Brandon, including many of the artifacts from the original City Hall, including the original city council furnishings, photos of past architecture and streets, and a complete city mayor timeline.

In addition, the museum features the BJ Hales Museum of Natural History, showcasing the taxidermy collection he received from George Atkinson in 1913, who was a taxidermist and naturalist from Portage.

Additional exhibits include artifacts and information on the Brandon Mental Health Center as well as the Prince Edward Hotel.

Museum Administrator, Keith Waterfield says their displays share sort of a walk through the history of Brandon since 1882. 

"We are located in the original Manitoba Telephone Systems (MTS) building and so we have quite a range of artifacts with the history of the telephone and switchboards," he says.

Waterfield says now in the month of June they will once again start up the downtown Brandon walking tours to share more of the rich history of the Wheat City.  They partner with the BNRC (Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation) to feature these historical downtown walking tours during the summer months.

The BNRC partnership facilitates students to share unique portions of the downtown area as well as specific landmarks that are still easily found.

The Museum and Archive's 'mission is to collect, conserve, study, exhibit and interpret historic and heritage materials relating to the City of Brandon and its place within the history of Southwestern Manitoba,' states their website.

Please visit the museum's website HERE! for more information and do listen to a bit more with Keith Waterfield below!