Westman Dreams for Kids partnered with the Brandon Area Community Foundation during the Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Campaign, splitting the money raised from all the Tim Hortons locations in Brandon with each organization receiving over $57,000.

For one week, from April 29 – May 5, Tim Hortons restaurant owners donated the full $1.50 from every freshly baked chocolate chunk Smile Cookie purchased to support charities in their community. 

In addition to the funds received from the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign, several local sponsors matched all funds received throughout the week:

  • April 29: Guild Insurance Group, Memories Chapel & Treo Law LLP 
  • April 30: Compass Credit Union, Fusion Credit Union, Sunrise Credit Union and Westoba Credit Union 
  • May 1: Brandon Heating & Plumbing and Grand Valley Mechanical 
  • May 2: Brightside Dental 
  • May 3: J&G Group
  • May 4: Murray Auto Group Centre Brandon 

Westman Dreams for Kids' Foundation Coordinator, Danna Rudniski, says the total sales from the Brandon Tim Horton's locations raised just over $115,000 from which they received half! 

Rudniski, says each year they participate in the purchase of cookies for their staff in support of the Cookie Campaign, but then to be asked to be a recipient was a true honor. 

“It’s one of those weeks that you know that everybody knows about,” she says. “We were thrilled for many reasons. 

“We were thrilled to be a part of it, and it goes to show the support we have here in Brandon for both Westman Dreams for Kids and the BACF,” shares Rudniski. “When we were told that we were going to be on the other end of the giving, of course we were thrilled for many reasons, but it was a super fun week to be involved with other businesses around town and we had daily sponsors.” 

“It’s just exciting for people to be on board and come out and participate in the cookie campaign, come and decorate, and have their staff be a part of it,” she adds. “It was just a super fun week!” 

Please listen to more with Danna Rudniski below as she shares on some of the programming and events they host and support.

2023’s sales from all of the Brandon Tim Horton’s locations a total of $70,727 was raised, meaning that 2024 sales surpassed last year’s by $44,353! 

Brandon’s Victoria Avenue location of Tim Horton's placed second in both the province and the country with just over $59,000 in sales during smile cookie week! 

Way to go Brandon! 

The Dauphin location of Tim Horton's raised over $65,000 through the smile cookie campaign – landing them top sales in all of Canada!  Money raised in the Dauphin store went to the Smilezone Foundation Project at the Dauphin Regional Health Centre. 

Congratulations Dauphin!