Turtle Mountain Bible Camp had a great winter providing opportunities for different kinds of fun!  One of those was the skijoring fundraiser held in February where kids are pulled by horse to slide over the snow.

The fundraiser brought in $2500 to go straight towards their horsemanship, riding program.

Camp Co-Directors, Daniel and Chelsea Zilstra, had to go to higher ground to find the snow but they found it and participants had fun in the snow. 

"There was not a lot of snow in the lower lands, but up at camp there was enough snow to give people some really fun rides and just enjoy being together again. So it was really good," says Chelsea.

Equine Director, Stephanie Nestibo, will be purchasing more horses in the fall season with the funds raised.  

Nestibo manages about 18 horses during the summer, and in the past the herd would be dispersed through the winter months.  However, the Bible Camp has continued their riding program through winter, with great success.

"It's been incredible," shares Chelsea Zilstra. "Stephanie has about 20 students a week almost all winter long. Unless it's -15 C or colder, she's out there doing lessons!"

"it's been an amazing way to connect with the community and keep people on site, and keep us connected, and also helping the horses get their exercise during the winter so they're ready to be ridden again, come our busy summer," she adds.