Volunteers of Boissevain's Snazzy Seconds Thrift Shop are thrilled to be moving to a larger location with lots of space!  The secondhand store will be moving to the lower level of the Boissevain-Morton Community Centre in early October.

Long-time volunteer, Judy McRuer, says they can't wait to get into their new space; new space for displaying the many items as well as new space to store seasonal clothing and decor.

At their current location on the corner of South Railway Street and Hwy #10, volunteers display what they are able to in those small quarters, which is corner to corner clothes and pictures and toys, etc.  What they have no room for is passed on as donations to Brandon thrift stores and to the Bear Clan, says McRuer. "We're dedicated to 'paying it forward'. If we can help somebody else use something that we can't then we're glad to do that!"

The upcoming elections are going to be using that lower-level space at the start of October, but once the elections are complete, then Snazzy Seconds will get the green light to move into their new home!

"We're very excited to have more space!  We'll now be able to keep more stuff and take in a little bit more small articles of furniture and small appliances, a little more of that kind of thing and that really makes us happy because we'll have so much more space!"

Until then patrons are invited to continue to visit their current location until October 6th, 4:00pm, with a bag sale now on during the month of September.

"This gives us some time to organize and maybe contact a few more volunteers who can help us out with our bigger space," explains McRuer.  "So, it will be in October some time and we hope to open as soon as possible once we get the move accomplished.  

Snazzy Seconds is affiliated with St. Paul's United Church and all funds raised help support the church's community outreach.

"The thrift store has been around for a very long time, and was started by St. Paul's, even before I moved to town which is almost 40 years ago," she adds. "But it's kind of blossomed in more recent years, and actually more so since we moved into the spot we're in now.  It became Snazzy Seconds around then," she adds, "and before that it was in the Sawmill."

With just a few more weeks to go, McRuer says they're really, really excited about moving.

"We've had lots of people offer to help us with the move and that's really appreciated and thank you to everyone who donates to us because that keeps us going and we depend on that.  We are very thankful for all the donations that come in from all these good people who share it with us!"

Please listen to more with Judy McRuer below!

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