Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers says soybeans are setting and filling pods.

Production Specialist Laura Schmidt stages them at R3 to R4.

"Soybean aphids have been confirmed in a few fields at low levels," she added. "These aphids are blowing in from the south and overall populations remain quite low here. Natural enemies are able to manage aphid levels."

Schmidt also provided an update on field peas.

"Field peas, they're ranging anywhere from flat pod or R3 to full pod or R4 stages. Even some of the earliest seeded fields are beginning to mature. Once peas have reached the full pod stages where those seeds can fill the pod, fungicide applications are no longer recommended, because we're within that 30-day pre-harvest interval of several products and also because disease isn't expected to be affecting yield any longer. Once peas have reached that full pod stage, they're also not as sensitive to pea aphid feeding and control is no longer recommended there either. If your peas were seeded a bit later this year and they're just starting to enter those early podding stages, now is the time to be checking for pea aphids and those second fungicide applications."