Spring is here, and thousands of students are not on their way to school this morning, and won't be this week. There will be a lot of families traveling this week, and it seems every year there’s some sort of storm over Spring Break. Is that in the weather cards for 2023?

CMOS Accredited Weathercaster Chris Sumner agrees with that sentiment, that there always seems to be some sort of storm over that final week of March.

"I can tell you, the organizers of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in Brandon know all about Spring Break storms impacting their event., but this year… for the Royal, and travel in general, it looks like the majority of the week will allow us to hit the road with little issue."

It will be a chilly start to start the week, according to Sumner, with well below average temperatures Monday and Tuesday.

"An upper level low over Hudson Bay, coupled with surface high pressure over the Prairies, means the continuation of that generally northwesterly flow aloft, meaning very cool air for this time of year is sliding south from Northern Canada," he explained. "Daytime highs and overnight lows will be ten degrees colder, or more, today and tomorrow. Outside of some slight moderation over the course of the week, and I’m talking just a few degrees, it will be a pretty chilly end to March."

Highs Monday through Friday will land between -5 and -9. +4 is where we should be to wrap up the month.

And are there any signs of that traditional Spring Break snow storm?

"At this point, not for our side of the border," noted Sumner. "We may see a light dusting of snow Monday night through Tuesday morning as a weak disturbance moves through, and there’s also a small chance of flurries Thursday, but outside of that, there is little chance of accumulating snowfall today through Friday."

He added the long-range forecast models are showing a potent system spinning out of the Great Plains in the U.S. just ahead of next weekend (March 31st to april 2nd), but at this point, the model runs are keeping it well south of Southern Manitoba.

"Bbut I’ll be keeping an eye on that one, just in case it sneaks far enough north to drop some snow, here."