Manitoba Agriculture's latest Crop Report shows farmers are making some good progress with spring seeding.

Provincial Pulse Specialist Dennis Lange says we've had some very good weather over the last week and seeding operations are now at about 62 per cent complete across the province. 

"We are still behind the five-year average, which is about 81per cent.  Cereals and field peas in pretty much every area are in that  80 to 90 per cent range. Field peas maybe even a little more in that 95 per cent range, for soybeans we're in that 50 per cent range across the board as well."

Good emergence is being reported with the recent warm weather. 

Winter cereals have continued tillering and remain in good to excellent condition with very little winterkill. 

Some producers have done some pre-emergent weed control, but those that didn't will want to be on top of their weed control.

New pasture growth has been slow growing this year with the cooler nights and minimum rainfalls, some fertilization has been happening in the hay fields.

" In some areas. pastures are about one week away from supporting grazing livestock. But some livestock have been turned out to pasture already and there'll be more coming in the next seven to ten days going out to pasture."

Lange points out that timely rains throughout the growing season will be needed in order to help advance crop and pasture conditions.

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Dennis Lange click on the link below.

The full crop report is available here.