Sunrise Credit Union held its annual general meeting earlier this week, with close to 150 members, staff and guests all zooming in from the 19 communities they serve on the virtual presentation.

The AGM include sharing the 2023 Annual Report, which included the audited financial statements.

The statements reflect a Net Income of $10.1 million, Loan Growth of 2.40%, Deposit Growth of 5.04%, and Total Equity of 6.94%.

“Our focus has always been on delivering exceptional service to our members,” said Sunrise President and CEO Tim Klassen, “I am proud to say that we have continued to uphold this commitment. Throughout the year, we have introduced new products and services tailored to meet the evolving needs of our members.”

"Sunrise was designed back in 2008 and through a number of mergers back then with some smaller credit unions it's continued to grow, both organically through some of those mergers," he adds, "and with that we're excited to continue to grow and provide services in a lot of smaller communities where there would otherwise be no financial service."

"It all comes down to our members, they've supported us for over 15 years and that was something we celebrated in 2023!"

Klassen reviewed some of the highlights for 2023, which marked the 15th anniversary for Sunrise Credit Union, including supporting many community projects, sponsorships, and events financially and through staff volunteerism.

Klassen was with Sunrise Credit Union right from the beginning in 2008 when 5 smaller rural credit unions joined together, and from there the rest is history you could say!

Please listen to more with Tim Klassen below as he shares more about their 15th Anniversary and the start of Sunrise Credit Union back in 2008.

Marking the 15th anniversary, celebrations included a $15,000 giveaway won by Cameron Schettler of Grandview, Manitoba in October.  As well, they gave $1500 to 20 different food banks within their trade region for a total of $30,000 during the holiday season 2023.

Another highlight of 2023 was the introduction of the Building Communities Grant Program.

Klassen says 58 applications were received and the Elkhorn Ice Plant Replacement, Shoal Lake Aeration Project and the Holland Outdoor Arena were selected to received $15,000 each toward their project.

"It was a tough job to whittle it down to just three," says Klassen, "and actually we're looking at applications again now for the 2024 year here shortly. So, we're excited to see what comes in and what we can do for our communities again!"

Application deadline for the Building Communities Grant Program is May 15th with the naming of the recipient awarding to be announced on May 31st.

Agnes Kokke, Chair of the Sunrise Credit Union Board of Directors, spoke of Sunrise’s 15th anniversary celebrations. Kokke noted that Sunrise has grown from its humble beginnings to an almost $2 billion Credit Union during that time, crediting their valued members for their continued success.

“Despite stubborn inflation and interest rates not easing, Sunrise Credit Union has had another successful year, as noted in the financial statement.” Said Kokke, “This success is only possible because of the tireless dedication of the entire team at Sunrise Credit Union. From the frontline staff, executive staff, executive assistant to President & CEO, we commend you for your hard work, community spirit and volunteer work.”

Chair of the Nominating Committee, Darryl Logeot, welcomed Carissa Caruk-Ganczar and announced Agness Kokke, Doug Van Damme, and Scott Thompson as re-appointees to the Board of Directors.