The women's mentored hunt program with Team Lady Fowler (TLF) has inspired many women to participate in waterfowl and field hunts across the province.

Recently Team Lady Fowler received $15,000 through the Manitoba Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund (FWEF) to purchase an enclosed trailer to store and transport their gear for their 'Hunting for Knowledge - Mentoring for Tomorrow' mentorship program.

The organization is women-led and teach about bird identification, gun safety, setting up duck blinds and decoys, bird dog retrieval and so much more!  Women from all walks of life join together to mentor and learn from each other.

Manitoba Wildlife Federation partners with TLF to facilitate their mentored hunt programs.

Managing Director for MWF, Carly Deacon says TLF is a growing group of women taking the lead in this mentorship program.

"This is so great! We have an exceptional roster of ladies who are experienced in teaching waterfowl hunting, deer hunting," explains Deacon. "Everything from training base to in-class component seminars, to sausage making to teaching folks how to use a firearm properly. And then there is the mentored hunt side of things too."

"But what the Team Lady Fowler was lacking was the ability to move throughout the province effectively," she adds. "We have team members spread out from the east to the west right now, and what we didn't have was the means to store all of our equipment efficiently, so we could put all of our training materials and hunting gear in a trailer and roll into our location and offer a course or a mentored hunt."

"Receiving this grant money is so cool," adds Deacon. "I'm so glad they got that money to purchase a trailer for all their gear!"