The Manitoba Public Safety Institute at Assiniboine College, in partnership with the Manitoba First Nations Police Service (MFNP), celebrated 10 new First Nations Police Officers at their graduation event on Friday in Southport. - Media Release April 19th

These graduates are part of the first intake of police (post hired) training recruit students in the Assiniboine partnership with MFNP, with the new program representing another significant milestone in the growth of Public Safety Training at Assiniboine.

The successful completion of the program was confirmed by Manitoba Justice, which has endorsed the curriculum, ensuring that graduates meet the criteria for police officer appointment with Manitoba First Nations Police.

“I’d like to congratulate the graduating class for completing the comprehensive training at Assiniboine College, which will equip them with the tools they need to excel on the job. Our government is proud to support the expansion of First Nations policing as part of a commitment to reconciliation and fostering nation-to-nation relationships. We will continue to support the exceptional work officers do day in and day out to keep their communities safe.” said Matt Wiebe, Minister of Justice for the Province of Manitoba.

In response to the growing demand for trained police officers within First Nations communities, Manitoba First Nations Police partnered with Assiniboine to deliver a comprehensive recruit training program. Leveraging the college’s expertise in public safety training, Assiniboine adapted its current curriculum to meet the specific needs of First Nations policing.

“As part of the curriculum the students take a Cultural Diversity Communications course, which is focused primarily on Indigenous awareness and knowledge building. This recruit class also had several visits and presentations from Knowledge Keepers from various First Nation communities that the MFNP serves,” said Jack Ewatski, Academic Chair of Public Safety at Assiniboine.  “The training is comprehensive and the first of its kind for Assiniboine. Graduates of this program can enter the policing world as full-fledged peace officers ready for deployment to their respective communities.”  

The program, which started in October of 2023 at Assiniboine’s Southport site, welcomed students with a range of prior experience. Participants underwent rigorous training in various operational skills, including Firearms, Use of Force, and Police Vehicle Operations. Participants were guided by Constable Sean Fisher, a current member of the Brandon Police Service, and Corporal Derek Smoke from the Manitoba First Nations Police.

"We are immensely proud of the dedication and hard work demonstrated by our graduates," said Constable Sean Fisher, lead instructor of the program. "Their commitment to serving and protecting their communities is truly commendable, and we have no doubt that they will make invaluable contributions to the Manitoba First Nations Police force.”

Maxim Beaulieu was the valedictorian of the class. “I was inspired to enter policing from family members and former colleagues who were in law enforcement. The most significant experience in this program so far has been the team building and ability to overcome challenges that we faced,” said Beaulieu. “I envision contributing a positive change to the communities I serve by engaging with the youth and getting involved in the community.”

Following their graduation, the newly minted MFNP constables will be assigned to various MFNP detachments, where they will begin their careers as frontline officers.