After this year the Brandon Chapter of Habitat for Humanity will have all but one lot built on their Franklin Street property, that will most likely feature a single-family dwelling.

Then there is another property that would facilitate a duplex on Stickney Avenue set for Habitat Brandon.

"But we have also been in discussions with the City of Brandon that they're really interested in working with us with some property called Assiniboine Gardens and that would set up a whole new large project for us to continue building in the City of Brandon," shares Jamie Hall, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Manitoba.

The property under discussion is just north of Stickney Avenue and would facilitate about 60 homes that would be interspersed amongst the existing residential homes that are in that area. 

Hall says the design is still too early to tell.  "Our interest would be how to integrate into that growing community in that part of Brandon but what we're looking at would be a light-density build which would be a multi-family dwelling model. So, it might be duplexes or even triplexes or four-plexes like we've built in the past."

"That work would likely be starting at 2026 at the earliest before we're actually starting to build," says Hall. "It's really just a memo of understanding that we have with them right now. We have to do more investigation into the design and how we would build out in that part of the city."

"We're really looking forward to that continued partnership with the City of Brandon," he adds.

Jamie Hall began his position as CEO with Habitat Manitoba just last year. "So, I haven't been here a year yet, but I am just sensing that building excitement as the days are longer and the snow has melted and there's just that itch for our employees and our trades, and our volunteers to get out on the build site again!"

For communities who would like to start a new chapter in their community Hall says to contact them directly. 

"We'll come out and we'll visit with you and tell you what's involved," he explains. "There is some formality that is involved to start a chapter.  And you have a committee, of course, of people who are interested."

"And that's usually the first step," he adds. "There is usually a small group of people that really want to make a difference in their community.  Once we make that contact, we'll support you in every way possible to make sure you can bring a Habitat home and a Habitat family right in your own community!"

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