Boissevain’s town wide clean up started Monday and continues until Friday, May 12th.

Town crews have been busy picking up yard clean up material and small household items that have been placed in front of homes at their curbs.

Town foreman Doug Harper says so far it has been a busy week. “We won’t pick up construction or commercial materials. We aren’t going to clean up an entire household if the items are put on the boulevard.”

“We will take grass clippings and leaves if they’re bagged, branches or bushes that have been trimmed. Generally things that that garbageman won’t pick up with the exception of construction materials,” said Harper.

Homeowners are asked to call the municipal office to let crews know they have items for pick up.

“Because it’s clean up week we will take things like appliances and chairs.”

Staff have the right to exercise their discretion as to the nature and volume of waste that is considered eligible for pick-up during the week.