What started out as an idea from a group of fellas in the Treherne area wanting a place to share and show their classic cars and trucks, turned into a full-fledged museum that now boasts 111 vehicles, and other treasures, from local residents!

Treherne's Second Chance Car Museum began when a local car collector and his wife needed a proper home for their personal collection, says museum manager, Craig Soldier.  "Discussions took place and encouragement took place, a building was built, and the museum was started!"

The 25,000 sq ft museum opened its doors to the public in 2019 and has been a place for antique auto lovers to stand in awe of the show and shine, the chrome and the luster, the sleek lines and paint schemes of beauties from days gone by. The oldest being a 1914 Model A truck.  "That one doesn't run, unfortunately, but we do have some 1920's-era vehicles that do run," shares Soldier.

As well the Metcalfe Ford collection is included in their collection!

Funding comes by donations to keep the lights on, but Soldier stresses the museum is not about making money, but about sharing a love of classic automobiles with friends, neighbors and visitors.  

"We've also got cars coming in seasonally and the owners will make a donation towards the facility. Then there are their many visitors who give donations as they feel.  To give you an idea of the number of visitors, 2600 people came through Second Chance last year from all over Manitoba as well as beyond Manitoba's borders.

"Last year we had visitors from Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, but we really enjoy the local support as well," shares Soldier.

"Covid taught us a lot and one of the biggest things is taking care of home," he adds. "Making sure we take care of each other in and around the area and support each other."

The museum committee has expanded their museum to include other recreational vehicles such as boats and motorcycles. as well as household items likes clocks and Chinaware.  They are planning on having a working electric train travel the inside perimeter of the museum!

Operating hours are flexible as the museum is run totally on volunteer help.  During the winter hours, usually one day in the weekend the museum is open to the public.  Summer months offer more opportunities for tourists to drop in.  However, these dedicated volunteers are always welcome to personal tours, and to tie in with community events. 

Operating hours are available on their Facebook page, as well as calling Craig Soldier at 204-208-0526.

Please listen to more with Craig Soldier below!

Second Chance Car Museum Facebook Page HERE!