The numbers weren’t back up to prepandemic levels but officials at the Turtle Mountain Bible Camp (TMBC) were still happy with how programs went over the past two months.

The camp between Boissevain and Deloraine traditionally attracts about 650 campers.

“It was fantastic to have people back on site and all of the camps went well and we managed to get the staff we needed to fill the various need” said co-director Kathy Weir.

“We had about 50 per cent the usual number of campers. They did cut down the number of people we could have in the cabins and that made a difference. Some weeks we didn’t have enough staff to open all the cabins but it was still a very encouraging summer.”

Over the past several years camp supporters have been busy planning and fund raising to improve the camp’s infrastructure and Kathy Weir says right now things look really good. “The new dining facility is loved by everybody and it has added so much to the camp’s day to day operations. For example on a rainy day we know have a place for everyone to go and enjoy games and other activities.”

Weir says people are still very interested in going to camp and she’s confident numbers will continue to bounce back with even more registrations for 2023. As for this year the camp season continues and more people will be stopping by the camp throughout the month of September.

“We have a few groups making use of the camp and it’s going to go into late September. We can open year round now but our biggest challenge is accommodations. We have six rooms right now but we’re working on making more room so we can run retreats and events. Those will increase once we get accommodations built” said Kathy Weir.