Brandon resident, Sandra Couling, has loved her new hot tub right from the day she bought it this past fall at Arctic Spas, a new shop on Industrial Drive, Brandon!

Little did she know just a few months later she would be winning the grand prize draw of $10,000 from one of her favourite 'hot' spots!

"I was shocked! I've never won anything!" shares Couling, "And then right before Christmas I win $10,000, so I was just dumbfounded. It took a few days to sink in!"

The staff at Arctic Spas opened the doors to their new store on Industrial Drive last fall, this being their third location in the province.

The contest to win a new hot tub, valued at $25,000, or a cash prize of $10,000, started back in September at each of their locations; Winkler, Oak Bluff and at the new Brandon store.

Brandon store manager, Christian Jackson, was thrilled when the winning ticket was one of their own customers.

Jackson says there were literally millions of entries, because every purchase that was made in each of their stores, Arctic Spas matched dollar for dollar with a ballot, as well sharing and liking Arctic Spas' posts gained customers extra entries into the contest. "So, we had millions and millions of entries! It was really cool to see all the participation from so many people across the province!"

"It was a pretty cool contest, and it did really well in Brandon, and it was super exciting to have the winner be chosen from the Brandon store," adds Jackson.

Jackson called Sandra just before Christmas with the exciting news.  "She's been a customer of ours for the past 5-6 months. She purchased a hot tub from us, so when I called her to let her know she had won the contest, I think she was pretty excited from the conversation we had!"

Couling says she was thrilled to receive the call from Arctic Spas. She has been enjoying her new hot tub immensely, but seeing as she didn't need a second hot tub, she opted for the $10,000, and was able to share it with others.

She adds winning the $10,000 was the perfect way to end 2023 but was also the perfect way to start 2024!  "It's quite incredible," she adds. "It came in as a nice little cushion. I was able to support a local charity, give a little bit extra to my kids and I'm in the process of doing some renovations on my home. It's just been fantastic!  Thank you to Arctic Spas!"

Christian Jackson says having the winner hail from their own community, and being a current customer, was a win-win for them as well.

"We're a new store and trying to build a name for ourselves in the community here in Brandon and Westman," he explains. "So, it was really nice to see we got the opportunity to give a local Brandonite that big of a prize!"

Please listen to more with Christian Jackson below as he shares more on what's happening at Arctic Spa in 2024!