The 2023 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair (RMWF) in Brandon is underway and will continue for the next six days ending on Saturday night of April 1st.

The RMWF is the premier event hosted by the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba. That group also hosts the summer fair and cattle show in the fall.

Clint Swain is one of the hard-working volunteers and is into his second year as vice president of the Provincial-Ex and he’s co-chair of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. “This week is looking good and we’re very excited. Our trade is a virtual sellout which is up about 75 per cent from last year.”


Swain has been a board member for the past five years and he appreciates the what the group does for the region. He’s really looking forward to having a lot of people at this year’s RMWF.

“Today is our Salute to Military and they get in free and their family gets in 50 per cent off. Our trade show is open each day between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm,” said Swain.

Organizers were pleased with how things bounced back last year and anticipate even more visitors this week.