When Brandon resident, Michele Pettinger, heard Christian speaker, Joanne Goodwin, share her testimony a few years back, she dreamt of organizing a women's retreat with Goodwin as keynote speaker.

Pettinger shared her idea with family and friends and ladies from her church and went to work to organize the 'Fill my Cup Women's Retreat' that will take place at Turtle Mountain Bible Camp at the end of September.

And yes, Ontario speaker Joanne Goodwin, Pettinger's inspiration, will be the keynote speaker!

Goodwin shares her story of parenting challenges, depression and cancer, with a dash of humor.  Pettinger says Joanne will have you laughing at life's struggles mixed with the message of the Gospel and the love of Jesus.

"She's just so engaging that I don't think anybody would be disappointed.  One minute she'll have you crying and the next minute she'll have you laughing.  She's been great every time I've heard her," shares Pettinger.

A maximum of 150 women were able to register for the Friday evening/Saturday event, and there are only 20 available spots left to register, with the deadline being extended to September 13th.

The Friday/Saturday overnight accommodations at the camp are full.  However, one can still get in on the Friday evening and full day Saturday if driving in, or able to stay at a nearby hotel or friend or family member's home. Turtle Mountain Bible Camp also has space for campers for those who would like to overnight it at the camp with their RV, tent or trailer.

"I never dreamed it would get this big and have so many women really excited about it!" adds Pettinger.

'Fill my Cup Women's Retreat' will be held September 29th & 30th at Turtle Mountain Bible Camp.

To register for the 'Fill my Cup Women's Retreat' contact Michele Pettinger. Remember, with only 20 spots left it, it's best to contact Michele as soon as possible,  Email her at pettingermichele50@gmail.com.

Please listen to more with Michele below as she explains more on the upcoming retreat.

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