The Asham Stompers have won all 5 dance competitions they have been involved in, Including Brandon twice, Peguis twice and Dauphin.


Arnold Asham, whom many Manitobans know as a curler and owner of Asham Curling Supplies, is also the founder of The Asham Stompers.  The team of dancers helps re-capture and preserve the history of the Métis people through the traditional dancing of the Red River Jig.
The Asham Stompers performed this past week at the 2011 Canadian Mixed Curling Championships in Morris, and Asham says this level of dancing is hard work.



Asham shares there are other reasons that keep him dancing. He says they now want to showcase this part of their heritage, and raise awareness for current problems and situations they are facing. Asham tell us some of the history behind their unique red river dance.



A highlight for Asham in 2010 was the opportunity to perform 6 times at the winter Olympics in Vancouver.


To see video of the talented Asham Stompers in action visit:


The Asham Stompers performed in front of 30,000 fans during half time at a Winnipeg Blue Bomber game in 2003.