Welcome to another Made in Manitoba. Tonight we're featuring a group whose original members have been singing together for more than 47 years, but are joining us in studio for the first time.

The Glencross Quartet, and its Southern Gospel style, originated through ties at Glencross Mennonite Church, and over the years has had a number of members retire, but Peter Hoeppner and Ken Letkeman have been there since the beginning. And along with John Fehr, newest singer Myron Reimer and long-time pianist Laura Letkeman... all five have joined us for tonight's program. We also want to make sure we mention the group's bass player Lloyd Groening and acoustic guitar player Ben Toews.

The members of the group call the Morden, Winkler and Plum Coulee areas home, and has released a new album titled "Redeemed". Over the decades, the group has performed hundreds of shows across Southern Manitoba, and we're excited to finally share their sound and ministry on Made in Manitoba.

It's the Glencross Quartet, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, and there being no greater love than God's, we felt this was the perfect time to have the group join us. The conversation with Peter, Ken, John, Myron and Laura, along with music from "Redeemed" 

You can purchase a copy of "Redeemed" at:

Trust God Now - Winkler

Morklers - Morden


Glencross Quartet in studio with Chris SumnerAfter their Made in Manitoba appearance with Host Chris Sumner (far left), the group posed for a photo in studio. Left to right; Myron, Laura, Ken, Peter and Ken.