The second in a series of potentially three Alberta clippers this week will impact Southern Manitoba Tuesday, with effects from the fast-moving low pressure system lasting into the evening.

"Sunday’s system brought 5 to 10cms of fluffy, light snow to the Red River Valley and Southeastern parts of the province," says CMOS Accredited Weathercaster Chris Sumner. "Gusty winds also made travel challenging for much of Sunday afternoon. Now, looking forward, we can expect that scenario to play out at least one more time, for sure Tuesday and potentially again later in the week, possibly Thursday night into Friday.".

Sumner says the latest clipper will bring 5 to 10cms of snow to the Pembina and Red River Valley regions, including the City of Winnipeg, as well as much of Southeastern Manitoba. Due to the track of the system, lesser totals are expected for the southwestern corner of the province, maxing out around 5cms.


"Once again the same old story will play out, the same we've seen a half dozen times, or more, over the past three to four weeks," he said. "Southeasterly winds will develop ahead of the clipper's arrival, with gusts up to 50 km/h expected later in the morning into the afternoon. As the system passes, we'll see that shift to northwesterly winds up to 40 km/h. Like we saw in parts of Southern Manitoba Sunday, we don’t need 80km/h winds to make travel difficult. Gusts Sunday maxed out around 50 km/h in parts of the Red River Valley, and combined with falling snow, very poor visibility was reported in many areas. If you take the light snow that fell Sunday, add in the additional snowfall we're expecting and the expected wind gusts, and it's quite likely significant blowing snow and reduced visibility in open areas will be a concern later in the day Tuesday."


The snow will taper off Tuesday night, with sunshine returning Wednesday and Thursday as high pressure builds in. Sumner noted blowing snow and reduced visibility will continue to be a concern on Wednesday, even though this latest clipper will be through the region, because northerly winds are expected to gust up to 50 km/h for much of the day.

"The return of high pressure for a couple of days will also bring temperatures about ten degrees below average for this time of year, ranging between -15 and -20," Sumner added. Daytime highs of -7 and overnight lows around -17 are average for mid-February.

Meanwhile, you know what they say, the third time is a charm. Sumner is keeping an eye on a third Alberta clipper which may impact the region Thursday night into Friday.


"At this point, that system is looking like it will have less snowfall associated with it, but still will drop a few centimeters and bring breezy conditions."