The Manitoba Wildlife Federation will be launching a new initiative to unite families with outdoor recreation!

'Becoming an Outdoors Family' will be modelled after the women's weekend retreat BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) held at Circle Square Ranch every spring.

MWF Managing Director, Carly Deacon says BOW has been such an incredible success, they're now wanting to offer the same kind of fabulous weekend for families where dads and kids can learn more outdoor skills as well, and just have a lot of fun together, learning together and experiencing hunting and fishing together.

"Moms get to go and do this weekend retreat and they come back home, and they share their new skills and what they've learned with their families, but the guys might want to learn too," explains Deacon.

"When you provide the whole family with an experience you immediately make a hunting community," she says. "You immediately make a group of people that can go and do this together!"

Becoming an Outdoors Family will be launched in September.

"This is super exciting," she adds. "We'll be hosting it out at Circle Square Ranch where there is a little teepee village which has a playground, and trampoline, and [sleeping] quarters for each family.  We'll do some archery, and probably some fishing and some outdoor cooking, and just hang out together and be outdoorsy for a weekend!"

Deacon says they're very excited to start this ball rolling, starting with the September 6th and 7th. "Who knows where that may snowball into!  It may move up to the ranch and we could have 150 people becoming an outdoors family!"

The Circle Square Ranch is set up like an old western town with wooden sidewalks and buildings constructed and painted to mimic the days when cowboys ruled, horses were tethered to posts, communication was done through the pony express or by telegram, and stagecoaches rumbled through town.

But first, Becoming an Outdoors Family will take place on the other side of the Ranch (they're not up to the western town accommodations just yet) but this first location provides a wealth of opportunities for family fun.

"It's absolutely perfect," notes Deacon. "We all get to sleep over and eat together. We get to have extra curriculars there, and all of our workshops are on site.  Everything is close and intimate.  You just can't help but come here, have a great time, and then leave here with new friends and acquaintances.  This site has been so great to us, and the staff is unreal!"

Registration will open up later this summer.  For regular updates please visit the Manitoba Wildlife Federation website and sign up for their eNewsletter HERE!

Please listen to more with Carly Deacon below!