Work continues to finalize Boissevain-Morton’s community development plan and the st step in the process was an open house held August 24th.

The Municipality of Boissevain-Morton is in the process of updating their Development Plan with consultants HTFC Planning & Design. On August 24th, findings from the previous Open House and any subsequent changes were shared, and provided insight into a number of background studies completed for the municipality.

Head of Council Judy Swanson says there room for growth in the municipality. “That we made part of the plan and we’ve set aside areas that could be for industrial use and we’ve set aside plans that could even be for a cottage development in the future.”

The latest open house which was the third one attract about 50 people to the come and go session.

This was an opportunity for residents to provide input on growth and development objectives for the area, as well as new areas where development or preservation will be considered.

“We had people from a good cross section of the community and from all age groups. They asked some good questions and made a few suggestions that we can take back to the table so it was a good night. It was good to see the level of interest in the plan.”

The finalized plan will deal with rural and urban growth. The plan deals with development, preservation areas and land use policies aimed at accommodating future growth in the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton.

“In the rural area we’ve put in a buffer zone for protecting our water source and for the park area which is important moving forward. We’ve also left room for growth in the livestock industry. We’re trying to do a balance about what is good and what is right for the community.”

The plan is under scrutiny by government department and then comes back to council.

“We’ve already given first reading to this and there will be a public meeting before we give the third and final reading to the plan.”