On Thursday morning at approximately 1:45 am, a train derailment under the 18th Street bridge, under the current active Daly Overpass, where 3 rail cars tumbled over creating some damage. 

 Merrilea Metcalf, Corporate Communications Officer for the City of Brandon, says there were no injuries and no hazardous materials involved in the incident.  However, the Daly Overpass needed to be closed 'out of an abundance of caution while the Province of Manitoba completed an assessment and review of the bridge.  The bridge was then re-opened at approximately 11 am later that same morning.

The mishap took place near the construction site of the new overpass, but it did not affect the new bridge that is under construction.

Metcalf says she is unaware of the circumstances surrounding the derailment.  "We'd have to reach out to CP rail and I'm assuming they are doing a review on the incident.

"It is unfortunate that the derailment happened in Brandon but if there was going to be one to happen, we're thankful that no one got hurt and there was no hazardous materials, and it was really a relatively short time that the incident had happened.  Everyone just jumped in and helped," adds Metcalf.  "Our community came together, and we were just able to get through it quickly, so we're very thankful it was a fast process, considering what could have been, a lot worse."

Brandon Police Services, Brandon Fire and Emergency Services, and the Brandon Emergency Response Team worked with CP Rail workers and the Province of Manitoba to rectify the situation, keeping everybody safe!


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