Representatives from the Canadian Wheat Board have returned from a tour promoting new crop wheat and durum in Europe.

"We went to talk to millers, traders and some end-users, such as bakers or pasta manufacturers, to promote the new crop quality and give them some knowledge on how to use the crop based on what we're seeing," explains CWB program manager Lisa Nemeth.

The delegation presented to potential buyers in England, Italy and Germany.

European customers usually buy top-quality number 1 wheat and durum.

"This year, because of the challenges our crops faced, we will be selling number 2 into this market. They buy higher proteins so they will still be looking for that," she says. "With the lower grade we just have to ensure that we're still meeting all the quality assurances that they're looking for. For example, they have some tolerances set for mycotoxins. So we have a plan in place to test and make sure we meet those requirements as well."

The group also included CWB agronomist Mike Grenier, CWB European marketing manager Chris Gillen, Tony Tweed, head of baking technology at the Canadian International Grains Institute, and Larry Taylor, CIGI's director of technology.

~ Wednesday, January 12, 2011 ~