Providing resources to help residents stay safe is something Lutz Mattfeld has a passion for as the Resource Coordinator for Seniors' Services for the Turtle Mountain Area.

However, he says he wants all residents in his catchment area of Boissevain and Minto areas to know that he is a valuable resource for them when it comes to home safety, whether they are a senior or not.

Two resources he provides information and registration for is the E.R.I.K Kits and the Victoria Lifeline.  Mattfeld calls them 'medical insurance' for anyone who lives alone or has a medical condition that might require immediate help when in distress.

The E.R.I.K. Kit is an Emergency Response Information Kit that alerts EMS responders of important information when a resident may not be able to communicate their conditions, medical history or allergies. The E.R.I.K. Kit provides essential information so responders can immediately provide the correct care in an emergency medical situation without having to search for it in the home.

First developed by Manitoba paramedics and seniors resource coordinators, E.R.I.K. is now maintained by Senior Resource Finders, like Mattfeld. Once completed, the kit should be placed on your fridge door, where emergency crews have been trained to look for it, ensuring it is readily available if needed.

"There are forms in there for your health directive, and where you can write in all of your information such as your doctor's phone number, your list of medications," explains Mattfeld. "Basically, what is important on the medical side.  But you can also put other information that is important to you."

Those interested in the E.R.I.K Kit can contact Mattfeld to order for you or your family.  A red E.R.I.K. sticker on your door immediately informs EMS that there is important medical information on your fridge. "So, they have more information to treat you right on the spot!"

The Victoria Lifeline is a medical alert system where participants wear a pendant around your neck that can be discreetly tucked inside your clothing if you choose.  If there is an emergency situation you push the button on the pendant and are immediately connected to a response center where you connect with a person who helps you with your situation, if that be an emergency situation where you've fallen and can't get up, or if you are locked out of your house without a cell phone.

"With this medical alert system, you will be connected to an alert center where you will talk to someone and the two of you will decide what needs to be done," explains Mattfeld. "This is very helpful, because if you have a broken leg or a broken arm or something like this, and you don't have immediate support, you can simply push the button and get help."

"It's a monthly service and you can basically treat it as life insurance," he adds. "Again, both of these services are not just for seniors. They are for everyone at any age if they live alone or have a medical condition."

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You can also reach out to Lutz Mattfeld at his office at Jubilee Manor in Boissevain, or call him at 204-534-6816.