It's time for another Made in Manitoba, and we're excited to bring yet another new artist to you this weekend. Appearing for the first time, after releasing his latest EP, is Winnipeg-born Indigenous musician and songwriter Ethan Lyric.

He began writing music in his early teens, and has a passion for songwriting and creating easy to listen to feel-good music, but also songs that also stir the emotions of his audience.

His new album is called "Saskatoon Berries", and as a big fan of the Summer treat, Chris asked Ethan whether the title should be taken literally, or if there's more behind it? And as we found throughout our conversation, there is a lot behind what Ethan creates, and we think you'll hear that too, along with his super positive outlook on life, as we share music from the album.

It's Ethan Lyric on Made in Manitoba, and we get things started after this.