Every Fall CJRB celebrates the harvest season with our local farming families through our Meals in the Field promotion!

A host of sponsors helped our staff to bless 4 farming families in the area with a full-course meal delivered to their farm or field.

The latest meal was served up September 15 at Twin Valley Acres southwest of Boissevain. That’s the farm of Ben and Lisa Heide.

“We’re done our cereal harvest and heading into the weekend are about half way through this year’s harvest.”

Heide points out they’re about three weeks behind their normal schedule but despite the later seeding dates the crop has turned out better than expected.

“We’ve had some humidity with a little bit of mist over the past day or two. “To be honest I wouldn’t mind a little bit of rain. Some dust control and start replenishing for next year” said Ben Heide.

To all the sponsors of his Meals in the Field harvest feast, Ben Heide shares his gratitude. “I was surprised and thankful to be drawn as one of the winners. This time of the year any helping hand is appreciated. I thanks the sponsors because it takes a lot of hands and feet to make things work and this time of the year we appreciate all of them.”

The staff here at CJRB Radio also thank all of our sponsors for their support of our own flavor of a harvest festival!


CJRB's 2022 Meals in the Field Sponsors:

  • Killarney Tire

  • Rocky Mountain Equipment Killarney

  • Shur-Gro Killarney

  • HyLife Killarney

  • Centennial Farm Supply Killarney 

  • Moore's Building Centre & Farm Supply

  • G&R Electric Killarney

  • Springhill Lumber Killarney

  • Boundary Co-op

  • Southwest Agencies Boissevain

  • Sunrise Credit Union Boissevain

  • Pembina Co-op Minto Agro Centre & Farm Supply

  • The Home Hotel Boissevain 

  • Rocky Mountain Equipment Boissevain