Souris business owner, Kathleen Lagasse, has started a new initiative in her art shop and studio on Crescent Ave East; that being to invite home-based businesses to share their products and information in a corner of Lagasse's Studio of Fine Arts.

Lagasse has a heart and deep respect for home-based businesses as she began her own art studio in her home ten years ago. 

Her business blossomed 7 years ago when she purchased the building at the corner of Crescent Ave and 1st Ave West in the town of Souris, delving in full time to sell consignment art for over 100 artisans, as well as her own beautiful pieces, and to facilitate a vast array of workshops and tutorials to her ever-increasing number of followers. 

(Speaking of blossoms, Lagasse recently added fresh cut flower arrangements to her list of services).

Offering a corner of her shop to home-based businesses benefits both parties, she says. "It may bring some people who may not normally come into my store, because some people aren't always aware of what my store is all about, and visa-versa, if someone comes in as a customer, I point them over to the corner to go and look at the table display of who's here this week.  They get excited and it creates customers for them too, so it's a win-win!"

"I'm finding that a lot of folks don't have a brick and mortar building as lucky as I do, so I thought 'why not open up a table area for them?' So, for a minimum of a week they can pay $10 a day, bring what they sell and information and build their customer base."

The home-based business nook in Lagasse's shop has featured a variety of businesses, the most recent being Souris resident and small business owner, Mia Toews' Exact Shine Auto Detailing.  "They did very well at the Southwest Business & Entrepreneur Business Expo in February and we're very proud to have them here," shares Lagasse.  "Their before and after pictures are amazing!" she adds.

Lagasse noted that the corner table and display area is available for home-based businesses both inside and outside the Souris-Glenwood area. Folks just need to set up on Tuesday and try to be on-site on Friday and Saturday during higher traffic times.

Visit Kathleen Lagasse at the Lagasse's Studio of Fine Arts in Souris for more information.

(Photo credit Mia Toews)