A number of organizations in Killarney have been awarded grants from money raised by the Canada Day program in Killarney.

The July 1 concert featured the Hunter Brothers and attracted more than 2,000 people.

Ryan Heinrichs chairs the Killarney Community Events committee and he was thrilled with how the people got behind the large scale concert.

“It was a huge success and we’ve been able to pump about $25,000 back into the community.”

The groups were paid based on the number of volunteers and the hours they worked. “These people helped us with the planning, organizing and the general running of the July 1 celebration in Killarney. We had a huge list of sponsors and people who supported us as well which helps and allows us to give this money back to the community.”

Heinrichs says it just shows how Killarney-Turtle Mountain residents can work together to make such a large scale event a success.

Looking at 2023 the group is planning another large scale event. “We’re looking at some different bands for next year and looking at whose going to stay on the committee and how all that is going to take shape” said Ryan Heinrichs.