When Seniors' Services for the Turtle Mountain Area Resource Coordinator, Lutz Mattfeld, looks at 2024, he's got some specific goals in mind, goals to strengthen the community of Boissevain-Morton as a whole through the service and networking Mattfeld has been able to do over the past 1 1/2 years in this position.

Providing more Day-Dasher trips and outings to different community interest sites, or a day of shopping in Brandon, is definitely part of his agenda going forward, as is bringing more entertainment possibilities to Boissevain-Morton's senior residents like monthly afternoon movies and more musical entertainment brought into the community.

However, the resources he's able to tap into through his position as Resource Coordinator includes help with passports, health and wellness resources, Meals on Wheels, the Victoria Lifeline, and having more people sign up for E.R.I.K Kits.

An Emergency Response Information Kit (E.R.I.K) can assist emergency responders in situations where a resident may not be able to communicate their conditions, medical history or allergies. The E.R.I.K. Kit provides essential information so responders can immediately provide the correct care in an emergency medical situation without having to search for it in the home.

First developed by Manitoba paramedics and seniors resource coordinators, E.R.I.K. is now maintained by Senior Resource Finders, like Mattfeld. Once completed, the kit should be placed on your fridge door, where emergency crews have been trained to look for it, ensuring it is readily available if needed.

Lutz Mattfeld says the Kit is ideal for seniors, chronically ill people, those who live alone or have caregivers, and those living with speech or language difficulties.  It can be utilized by anyone living alone, whether they have a health condition or not.  If a person has a hip or knee replacement and has mobility challenges over the next few months, the E.R.I.K. Kit is an important addition to the home just in case of a mishap.

"I would like to increase the numbers of our clients on this, but also for the community at large," he adds.

"I do know that our name is 'Seniors' Services' and our emphasis lies in supporting seniors or older people and people with disabilities. But the rest of the community is not excluded from that."

"So, you may be 30 years old, and you say, 'What is he talking about?'  Some of our services can be utilized by everybody in the community," adds Mattfeld.

Request an E.R.I.K. by connecting with Lutz Mattfeld.  For more information on the E.R.I.K Kit click HERE!

February will hold a number of events, one event celebrating Valentine's Day, and the other celebrating exercise!

"We will have 'Stepping Up' coming up, which is leadership classes for exercise," he shares. "We turn you into a leader and then you can go out and exercise with other people. This will take place at the end of February."

For more information, please visit the Seniors' Services of the Turtle Mountain Area Facebook page, or phone Lutz Mattfeld at his office located in the Jubilee Manor, 355 North Railway, Boissevain.