Brandon-Souris MP Larry Maguire looks back on 2022 and into 2023 and says the high cost of living continues to be a common problem he is hearing from constituents.

Maguire says several factors go into causing the high inflation rate, but he points out government is spending is part of the problem. “This is one of the things we’ve been fighting all along. The tripling of the carbon tax and that’s putting a tax on homes and food. The governments over spending hasn’t slowed down the inflation.”

Maguire says the government has also bungled the firearms legislation Bill C-21. “We’ve always defending farmer’s, sport shooters and hunter’s rights to own these firearms and it’s not those people that are the problem it’s the crime being done by those smuggling these guns into Canada and the government isn’t putting an emphasis to stopping that.”

“I spoke with people this morning and they talked about high inflation and the cost of groceries. It’s an issue no doubt about. The price of food and the cost of gasoline in rural areas we have to travel, and we have to heat our homes in Canada. It’s a necessity in our country and it’s a big part of our cost of living,” said Larry Maguire.